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Tide Over Covid-19 Pandemic with the Best POS System for Restaurants and Retails

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the future is more or less uncertain for retailers and restaurateurs alike. As no vaccine and medicine have been discovered so far, social distancing has been found to be the most successful means to prevent the disease from spreading. As a result the super markets and restaurants witnessed a drastic drop in foot traffic. And with the government imposing the lock down, the retailers and restaurateurs had no other go but to close their stores and restaurants. All the plans and strategies devised to improve customer satisfaction need to be replaced with new ones that could meet the Covid-19 challenges. Ridgecone Technologies helps deal with the new challenges with its point of sale systems. With the point of sale software, retailers and restaurateurs would be able to conduct business efficiently but at the same time follow the guidelines put forwarded by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Does Covid-19 need to be feared even after the lifting of the lockdown?
Covid-19 is a deadly disease where there is no medicine and vaccine. In such a scenario, we need to follow the guidelines of wearing masks and practicing social distancing to prevent ourselves from contracting the disease. In India, lock down has been lifted from many states. However, it no way means that our life would be back to normal because we can in no way afford to be carefree and careless. We have to lead a systematic lifestyle where practicing social distancing, wearing masks and maintaining personal hygiene would be the new normal.

What makes POS machine In India a greater necessity?
With Covid-19 pandemic going out of control, we have to abide by the WHO guidelines to prevent the disease from going out of control. At the same time, we cannot continue with lock down as it would affect the country’s economy. So the best approach would be to reduce man power inside the stores. By installing POS software in India shops and restaurants and thereby automating many tasks, the retailers and restaurateurs can stay true to the community guidelines of practicing social distancing.

What is the best POS system for restaurant and retail shops?
Installing the POS system software for restaurants & retails shops can help in ensuring that the tasks are completed on time without any setbacks, troubleshooting, or delays. When it comes to restaurant billing software and retail billing software for India, the name of Ridgecone Technologies would definitely come in the list for the best POS software in India. Having years of experience in developing smart software solutions, Ridgecone Technologies have been able to develop customized solutions as per the needs and requirements of the clients. When it comes to restaurant POS systems or retail billing software for India clients, Ridgecone Technologies does not believe in one size fits all approach. Therefore, requirement gathering and analysis is given top priority before working on the project.

How can Ridgecone Technologies help small scale retailers and restaurateurs?
As lockdown is lifted, retailers and restaurateurs can carry out business as usual. But they have to ensure that there is no overcrowding and the WHO guidelines are followed to the T. Reducing the wait times can help prevent overcrowding in restaurants and retailers. Ridgecone Technologies helps reduce this wait time with its point of sale systems. Our point of sale software can fasten the checkout times so that the customers can get things done quickly and thereby reduce mingling with others.

What are the different POS software solutions that Ridgecone Technologies deals with?
Ridgecone Technologies do not believe in a common ePOS system for retailers and restaurateurs as their needs and requirements are different. Hence, we have a customized ePOS system for retailers and custom made POS software for restaurants. We have successfully installed retail POS software in many retail shops and supermarkets of UAE. With the retail POS software, retail operations can be easily streamlined. And as for restaurant POS systems, all mundane and error prone activities can be automated and completed in no time.

Thus, whether it is restaurant billing software or retail POS machine in India or for that matter any other country, Ridgecone Technologies always provide the best solutions for your business.

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