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Restaurant POS systems are integral part of restaurant business as it helps enhance efficiency, productivity and service quality. By developing the restaurant software developers at Ridgecone Technologies have provided the restaurateurs an innovative solution that helps streamline activities and enhance the quality of customer service and thereby increase profits.

Boosts Sales & Increases Profits

  ERP-Banner-Ridgecone-3 The Restaurant Management Software fosters growth by:

  • Ensuring swift processing of credit and debit card transactions
  • Tracking every single penny earned and spent
  • Simplifying the interaction between the customer and the restaurant staff and also between the kitchen and wait staff
  • Ensuring quality and speed of service
  • Streamlining activities like table ordering, kitchen order taking, and restaurant billing

With the restaurant application automating multitudes of tasks, the restaurant staff can devote a great amount of their time in enhancing customer service.

Prevents Employee Theft

ERP-Prevent-Robbery-Banner-Ridgecone   It can be in the form of cash, food, supplies or even providing discounts to friends and family members. The restaurant POS software can stop employee theft by allowing to:

  • Keep tabs on product inventory that helps detect discrepancies
  • Swiftly identify the person who handled the cash register as the POS software is password secured

Makes Customers Happy, Happier customers means Repeat Business


The restaurant software guarantees customer satisfaction by ensuring:

  • Quick and hassle free processing of payments
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Reduced customer wait times as the restaurant POS software can speed up order entry and facilitate prompt delivery of food
  • No order errors as the orders are entered directly into the system that go directly to the kitchen printer
  • Quick verification of the accuracy of any order at any time
  • Splitting of bills/tickets among large groups easily, quickly and accurately

The restaurant POS software is one of the most effective means to ensure better monitoring & management of the business.

The POS restaurant software helps create a greater level of efficiency in restaurant management by:
  • Enforcing effective cash handling procedures and policies
  • Ensuring that every penny whether earned or spent is truly accounted for
  • Tracking product inventory to prevent shrinkage and shortage of food items
  • Fine tuning the front-end and the back-end activities
  • Identifying the most preferred and the least preferred food items so that the menu list can be changed to suit customer preferences