Single solution for diverse accounting needs


single solution for diverse accounting needs


single solution for diverse accounting needs


Simple, Elegant and Well-Defined Interface

The business accounting software comes with clear input, distinct language, user-friendly navigation and no unnecessary accounting terms.

Automates all Mundane Tasks

No Paper Ledgers. No Calculators. No Spreadsheets. No Errors

    The accounting software automates all routine yet critical tasks. This means:

  • No two or three entries required as in the case of manual system

  • Each financial transaction once inputted would get reflected instantly in other accounting records as well

  • Less scope for errors as the accounts software makes the calculations automatically

  • No time is lost in searching and collating financial data


Time Saving

    The accounting software saves considerable amount of time by:

  • automating calculations

  • streamlining financial and business management processes

  • ensuring effective financial records management

  • increasing productivity by channelizing efforts of the resources towards business growth and success


Manage Business with Ease

    The easy accounting software:

  • improves data accuracy

  • prepares financial accounts / records swiftly

  • ensures easy access to accurate and up-to-date data

  • generates reliable and consolidated financial statements and reports instantly

  • tracks inventory automatically


Get accurate evaluation of business growth

Having a fully integrated accounting software helps in accurate financial reporting. This enables businesses to generate consolidated financial statements and accurate financial reports that reflect the true financial health of the company. This eventually helps to evaluate business growth and thereby make fact based business decisions.


Management of accounts is no easy task; one small slip and you may end up creating numerous problems. Through RidgeAccur8, our accounting software developers have provided you an excellent solution for managing your diverse accounting needs seamlessly and accurately.