eliminate Conflicts
enhance  Productivity


eliminate Conflicts
enhance  Productivity


eliminate Conflicts
enhance  Productivity


Improves Productivity

The human resource management software automates and streamlines all the efforts associated with:

  • manpower planning and fulfilling procedures for recruitment, selection, termination and resignation

  • processing payroll and performance appraisal

  • providing trainings and development programs

  • ensuring employee welfare, motivation and satisfaction

  • resolving employee grievances

  • implementing organizational policies

  • ensuring compliance with labor and employment laws

By enhancing and speeding up the various cumbersome yet critical tasks, the HR management software enables the HR department to drastically reduce the time and manpower required to complete these tasks.


Minimizes Errors and Accelerates the Processing Time

A paper based system leads to information silos in the form of multiple spreadsheets, documents, and even post-it notes. Besides, the amount of paperwork processed is directly proportional to the number of errors made.

    With the human resources software, the HR department can stop chasing paper work and thereby eliminate errors arising due to :

  • wrong interpretation of handwriting

  • multiple data entry points

  • typing errors

  • inconsistent and unclear data

Thus, by automating and streamlining the various tasks, the HR software reduces errors and accelerates the processing time.


Allows focus on Core Competencies

With the HR software solutions taking care of the mundane tasks, HR department can channelize their time and effort on more strategic activities that help the company to surge ahead and fast track success.


Ensures Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Employees and customers are the true assets of the company and the attendance management software enables the company to ensure the satisfaction of their employees as well as customers. The attendance software guarantees:

  • Employee satisfaction by giving employees more flexibility to attain a work-life balance

  • Customer satisfaction by allowing the managers to schedule and reschedule work assignments so that the projects do not get affected

  • hr88

    The Ridgecone Technologies human resource management system software is actually a time and attendance software, payroll software and employee management software rolled into one. Armed with this software, the HR department can truly make a difference.