Click and Track


Click and Track


Click and Track


Tracks Employee Behavior

The vehicle GPS tracking system helps monitor the activities of the drivers closely and make them accountable for:

  • increase in fuel usage

  • rash driving

  • improper behavior

  • taking inefficient routes

  • unnecessary overtime expenses due to timesheet falsification or unintentional errors

With the vehicle GPS tracking system, the drivers always watch their step as they are aware that someone is tracking all their activities.


Monitors fuel usage

At a time when fuel price is rising, the vehicle tracking software can help minimize fuel consumption by eliminating:

  • vehicle idling
  • misuse of vehicles
  • vehicle speeding
  • deviation from actual/expected driving routes

The vehicle tracking application thus, compels the drivers to avoid tardiness and be more responsible.


Ensures Safety of Children

The GPS tracker for kids enables parents to ensure the well-being of their children and other family members. With kids travelling long distances to schools and colleges, the children tracking software allows the parents to know where their kids actually are. Besides, the school administration can ensure the safety of the children or get any help in emergency situation with the school vehicle tracking system.


Improves Safety and Security

The GPS tracking device is one of the best solutions to ensure safety and security as it helps:

  • monitor vehicle activity

  • avoid vehicle theft by tracing the location of the vehicles easily

  • provide assistance when the vehicle breaks down or meets with an accident

  • alert owners when the vehicle is used during off hours

  • reduce repair costs by sending maintenance alerts to owners

  • ensure swift service, quicker shipment tracking, and faster delivery to customers