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Thanks to advances in technology, software development has undergone a sea of change. There are many new concepts and methodologies for creating software as per the demands of the clients. But however hard the programmers try; couple of bugs would definitely escape their attention. These bugs can be in the form of an error or undesired functionality. And the frequency and severity of the issue can annoy the client and thereby damage your reputation.

Though it is difficult to build software that is perfect in every sense, there are better ways to ensure that the software behaves as expected and as intended. Any software that doesn’t work up to the potential is totally worthless. Even if the software developed is truly incredible in terms of creativity and innovativeness, if there are defects that impede the operation of the product, it can severely damage the credibility of the software. That’s where software quality management or simply software testing can do the trick. However, most software testing companies instead of manual QA testers entrust software developers with the task of finding bugs.  This actually serves no purpose.

How we help?


Though Ridgecone Technologies is a software development company, we do understand the importance of software quality management. So in that respect you can consider us as a software testing company.  As a software testing company, we know for sure that it is quite impossible to give the client the software quality assurance that the software is devoid of any bugs and the software can never go wrong. This is because it is impossible to test every input or identify all the bugs in a software or application. However, by relying on software testing or website performance testing, we can give the client the software quality assurance that the bugs that annoy customers either by frequency or severity of the problem would be eliminated considerably. At Ridgecone, we perform:

  • Manual Testing
  • Website Performance Testing