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We fix & Prevent Errors

Any software that doesn’t work up to the potential is totally worthless. Even if the software developed is truly incredible in terms of creativity and innovativeness, if there are defects that impede the operation of the product, it can severely damage the credibility of the software. Therefore, every software must go through rigorous software testing to fix bugs that eventually help enhance software quality.

How we Help?

Software quality testing is an integral phase of the software development process. Ridgecone Technologies, a software testing company, leaves no stone unturned to ensure the quality of the software. We are passionate about quality and maintain strict quality standards in all that we do.

When it comes to software quality, we ensure:

  • Functional Quality – whether the software performs all the tasks correctly.
  • Structural Quality – whether the code is well structured.
  • Process Quality – whether the development process is carried out effectively

Bugs in any software range from critical ones (Showstoppers) to low-level ones (Cosmetic). Though the focus is always on getting rid of critical, high-level and in some cases medium level ones, we ensure that we get rid of low level ones as well. Whether the software is for distribution or manufacturing, we always strive hard to make the software relatively bug-free.

Our Competencies

  • Manual Testing
  • Website Performance Testing